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Traffic Management & Security for Film, Special Events & Construction

Call Les on 0439 598 699 or Lou on 0419 324 680

Special Events Traffic Management

After many years of experience assisting event managers with their meticulous event planning and strategies for events ranging from major international sporting tournaments, massive two & three day music festivals, large community fundraising events and huge cultural events,  we have the expertise and  knowledge to implement all aspects of the traffic management process required to facilitate a safe and successful event.

For most events it is essential to meet with the event organiser on site, to walk through the various traffic scenarios and to then address any concerns and find the solutions to ensure a safe event from the traffic perspective. We will attend and contribute to any subsequent vendor, stakeholder meeting to establish site specific traffic requirements and work all options to establish the best outcome for your event.

The smooth ebb and flow of all event traffic, from vendors, site crew, volunteers, participants, patrons to local stake holders is paramount to the planning decisions and processes we will implement to ensure the success of your event.

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